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New Solar Powered Greenhouses Generate Electric
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Green energy has the future, also at the horticultural level. Due to top-speed technological developments solar energy is one of the moving forces for green energy.Our Dutch Suppliers using its long greenhouse design experience, has developed a system to sustainably generate solar energy easily and cost-efficiently, while properly tuned to horticulture at the same time. Our greenhouses – equipped with optimised greenhouse roof for generating solar energy – haven proved to be excellent carriers of solar panels time and again. The construction of our greenhouse is obviously tested against the strictest quality requirements and makes the basis for a high return on investment.

The new innovative aluminium roof system of the greenhouse lends itself perfectly to integrating both framed and frameless laminates in line with supplier’s requirements. Using flat cover strips the shadow’s effect is minimised ensuring maximum system output. Working together with a renowned manufacturer of solar panels, Our Dutch Suppliers is able to provide the most sophisticated greenhouse construction with solar panels. The panels are manufactured in Europe, which means premium quality is guaranteed. The new aspect is the possibility to provide transparent solar panels to lose no light, which is a good thing for cultures that require light. Inside the greenhouses we use steel gutters to make sure no water is carried off over glass and solar panels. Additional dirt deposit on the panels will be decreased.

The plus points in a nutshell:
- Optimised for culture and for generating solar energy
- Dutch technology
- Panels installed at relatively low costs
- Maximum use of roof surface
- Frameless laminates integrated in the roof
- Framed panels integrated in the roof
- Easy to install
- Panels manufactured in Europe
- Variable panel thickness is possible
- Easy to replace panels (individually)
- Highest level subsidy (depends on country)

If you are interested in our sustainable solar panel greenhouse system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With Greenhouse  green energy investors are guaranteed the highest return on investment!

New Greenhouse Solar roof

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